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your eyes are a baptism
all flowers in time bend towards the sun
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Sep 04 2013(no subject)
samurai jack || shogun of sorrow
zel's fanfic recs //
updated regularly
suggestions accepted
enclose me in your gentle rainCollapse )
Nov 27 2010 - kingdomofheaven [1/1]
samurai jack || shogun of sorrow
angels aren't supposed to fall in love. [renji/shalala, kaito/lulu]
soul rescue; angst/romance; pg; 600 words

mortality can be so beautifulCollapse )
Nov 20 2010 - fata morgana [1/1]
samurai jack || shogun of sorrow
she walks with her ghosts looking over her shoulder. [ishida/orihime, ulquiorra, ichigo, tatsuki, chad, sora]
bleach; drama/supernatural; pg13; 3000 words

we're all missing somethingCollapse )
Oct 16 2010 - penumbra [1/1]
samurai jack || shogun of sorrow
they've both been left behind. [janine, silver, koga]
pokemon; gen/drama; g; 1300 words

daddy gave me a nameCollapse )
Oct 09 2010 - gestalt [1/1]
samurai jack || shogun of sorrow
it's like a circle coming together, trapping him inside. [morty/whitney/falkner OT3]
pokemon; romance/humor/drama/idefk; pg13; 3000 words

let's get together & feel alrightCollapse )
Oct 02 2010 - anchor [1/1]
samurai jack || shogun of sorrow
the team is gone, and she finds herself drifting. [shelly, archie, tabitha, noland]
pokemon; gen; pg13; 1800 words

may the tide carry herCollapse )
Sep 26 2010 - queen of hearts [1/?]
samurai jack || shogun of sorrow
the rise of the black tulip. [domino, giovanni, silver, tyson, wendy, buson, OC]
pokemon; crime/drama; rated r (eventual violence & mature themes); 2700 words this chapter

all good things start at the beginningCollapse )
Sep 26 2010 - sepia tone [1/1]
samurai jack || shogun of sorrow
she captures him through the camera lens. [saki/masaomi]
durarara!!; drama/romance; pg; 450 words

road they walk on is paved with goldCollapse )
samurai jack || shogun of sorrow
sometimes a wake-up call is all we need. [ursula, paul]
pokemon; gen; g; 1100 words

time to step out of their shadowCollapse )
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